Friday, 17 July 2015


Billy Gomberg - 061715a (tw) (Soundcloud)

Billy Gomberg - 051715 (not even tides) (Soundcloud)

Billy Gomberg - 053115 (everything is a voice) (Soundcloud)

Kid606 - Recollected Ambient Works, Vol. 1: Bored of Excitement (Tigerbeat6 < Bandcamp)

Kid606 - Recollected Ambient Works, Vol. 1.5: Discreet Music (Bandcamp)

Alcest - Tristesse Hivernale (Drakkar Productions < YouTube)

Quiet Evenings - The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation/The Soma Mandala (Hooker Vision < Bandcamp)

Patrick Higgins - Social Death Mixtape (NNA Tapes; due July 28)

Olivia Block - Aberration of Light (NNA Tapes; due July 28)

Kate Moore - Dances and Canons - Saskia Lankhoorn (ECM New Series)

Yarn/Wire - Yarn/Wire/Currents 2 (Yarn/Wire < Bandcamp)
(Ann Cleare - I should live in wires for leaving you behind; Øyvind Torvund - Untitled School; Mud Jam; Campfire Tunes)

John Cage - String Quartet in Four Parts; Thirty Pieces for String Quartet; Four - Quatuor Bozzini (Collection QB)

Long Distance Poison - Human Program (Deep Distance; due July 24)

Windhand - Soma (Relapse < Bandcamp)

MAKE - The Golden Veil (self-released < Bandcamp)

Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower (Relapse; due Sept. 18)

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