Friday, 18 September 2015

How to Practice and Analyze Schumann’s “Blindman’s Bluff” from Kinderszenen

Blindman's Bluff

This is a devilish musical tag that flows out of my journey round the bend in finger staccato in the good company of my students. While none to date have tackled Schumann's animated "Hasche-Mann," otherwise known as "Blindman's Bluff," our recent focus on a variety of staccato deliveries re-ignited my interest in reviving Schumann's clever game-playing miniature.

And having grown my technique over the years along with my adult brood, I thought it fitting to apply a well-practiced finger staccato to a snatch of Romantic era repertoire.

In my tutorial that grew out of a "Hasche-Mann" revisit, I provided a practicing approach that focuses on the short detached note landscape with interspersed accents, (both sudden and explosive–Sfp) partnered with a detailed harmonic analyses. Building to tempo feeds a childhood playing spree well-realized by the composer in a colorful framing.


Play through in tempo:

Original Content: How to Practice and Analyze Schumann's "Blindman's Bluff" from Kinderszenen

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