Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Robert Scott Thompson - Pale Blue Dot (excerpts) (Anodize < Bandcamp; due Fall 2015)

The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble - Komitas (ECM New Series; due Oct. 2)

James Moore & Andie Springer - Gertrudes: music for violin and resonator guitar (New World)
> Larry Polansky - 10 Strings (9 Events); Paula Matthusen - in absentia; James Moore - Suspicions; Look Like; A Wish; Ken Thomson - Deafening Irrelevance; Lainie Fefferman - Fiddly Tune; Robert Ashley - For Andie Spring Showing the Form of a Melody, "Standing In the Shadows," by Robert Ashley; For Andie Springer ... (Encore)

Loadbang - Lungpowered (New Focus Recordings)
> Alexandre Lunsqui - Guttural 1-3; Scott Worthington - Infinitive; Alex Mincek - Number May Be Defined; David Brynjar Franzson - Longitudinal Study #1; Reiko F├╝ting - Land of Silence; William Lang - There Might Be One More

Cathedral - In Memoriam (Rise Above)

Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium (Earache)

Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard (Rise Above/Metal Blade)

Cathedral - The Carnival Bizarre (Earache)

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (Rise Above/Metal Blade)

With the Dead - With the Dead (Rise Above; out Oct. 16)

Deafheaven - New Bermuda (Anti-; out Oct. 2)

YOB - The Illusion of Motion (Metal Blade)

YOB - The Unreal Never Lived (Metal Blade)

Ben Monder - Amorphae (ECM; out Oct. 30)

Kim Kashkashian, Sarah Rothenberg, Steven Schick, Houston Chamber Choir, Robert Simpson - Rothko Chapel (ECM New Series; out Oct. 23)
> Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel; Erik Satie - Gnossienne No. 4; John Cage - Four2; Erik Satie - Ogive No. 1; John Cage - ear for EAR (Antiphonies); Erik Satie - Ogive No. 2; Gnossienne No. 1; John Cage - Five; Erik Satie - Gnossienne No. 3; John Cage - In a Landscape

Lucifer - Lucifer I (Rise Above)

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty (Heavy Metal Records)

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