Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Curbing Thumb Power!

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It hit home over SKYPE while I was giving a piano lesson to Australia today that THUMBS have usurped too much power!

In their octave by octave advance through scales and arpeggios, they've become conspicuously Napoleonic and territorial, setting up roadblocks that deter longer fingers of each hand from individually passing over and around them without a physical confrontation. And despite their short stature, THUMBS will continue to RULE The Hand, unless they're cut down to size.

As a start, every piano teacher, in good conscience, should assertively curb thumb rule while applying a humane approach–(A complete keyboard sweep is not recommended.)

Instead, students should be urged to position their longer fingers to form a decisive center of gravity in the keyboard universe; sustaining a specific equilibrium while staving off ACCENT-uated, ill-timed aggressive maneuvers by Thumbs to tilt the balance of power.

The good news is that Online pupils in London and Edinburgh have successfully de-throned Thumbs by the power of their imagination that works an effect on the longer fingers to suppress interruptions of smooth scale transits. With a confidence-boosting arsenal of mental strategies, they've managed to thwart thumbs from laying flat out in arpeggio-wide wrecking maneuvers.

So at long last, a DEFENSIVE video has emerged from Sydney, Australia that deserves A THUMBS UP! for its steadfast effort to undo a DOWN-ward spiral that once robbed a D Major broken chord sequence of its free-spirited expression.

(KEY WORDS: "Invisible thumb; "featherlight," "floating," think UP, "lifting")

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