Thursday, 19 May 2016

My concert, at last online

I'll interrupt my posts about the DC Ring, and some of its implications for the future of classical music.

Marlissa at my concertBecause I want to tell you something special for me — that video of my April 14 concert — my reemenrgence into the world as a composer — is now online. Jim Robeson, the fine videographer who made the videos, used six cameras, and made an aborbing video production out of the event, more than just a simple document of it.

That took awhile. So more than a month after the event, here we go. A video of thee complete concert, including my hosting and commentary, two hours and 12 minutes, right here.

And then here you'll find an online version of the concert program book, including texts of the vocal music (and of two instrumental pieces that were based on text), and photos that one of the piano pieces on the program was based on. Plus musicians' bios, and two encores not listed in the program at the event.

And, not least important, links to videos of each separate piece, though here you don't get my commentary, and won't fully know what the pieces are about. (I'll be adding program notes, but they're not ready yet.)

Such a gratifying night

There's much I can say about the music, and I'll be rolling that out here, piece by piece, over the next two or three weeks.

But one thing to say here was that the concert was in so many ways a heartwarming success. You can judge the music for yourself. But as I said here earlier, three kinds of people in the audience seemed to love it. Friends and one of our neighbors, people who don't go to classical concerts. And then classical concertgoers, who don't normally hear new classical piecces.

And then finally music business professionals, who maybe (to judge from their reactions) liked the concert the most.

All this was beyond gratifying to me, especially since the musicians involved loved doing the concert, and some have said so in various ways on Facebook, as they post about the videos of their performances.

More to come. Now that I've reemerged, I'll have more thoughts about composing, and more news.

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