Friday, 24 June 2016


Keith Rowe - Live at Fairchild Chapel (Idiopathic)

Han Bennink + Derek Bailey - Post Improvisation 1: When We're Smilin (Incus)

Derek Bailey + Han Bennink - Post Improvisation 2: Air Mail Special (Incus)

Ryoko Akama - acceptance (Suppedaneum)
> a proposal - one - Stefan Thut; a proposal - two - lo wie; a proposal - three - Johnny Chang, Catherine Lamb

Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto - Earnest Rubbish (Erstwhile)

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - "sketch 1" - "sketch 8" (from Equilibrium) (self-released)

Philip Glass - Glassworks - Philip Glass Ensemble; In the Upper Room - studio orchestra/Michael Riesman (CBS Masterworks)

Seeds in the Tide vol. 04 by Rapoon

Rapoon - Seeds in the Tide, Vol. 4 (Zoharum)

Balter / Saunier by Dal Niente & Deerhoof

Dal Niente/Deerhoof - Balter/Saunier (New Amsterdam)
> Marcos Balter - meltDown Upshot; Pois que nada que dure, ou que durando; Greg Saunier - Deerhoof Chamber Variations - Deerhoof, Ensemble Dal Niente/Michael Lewanski

Thought and Desire by Linda Catlin Smith, composer; Eve Egoyan, pianist

Linda Catlin Smith - Thought and Desire - Eve Egoyan (Earwitness Editions/World Edition)
> Nocturnes and Chorales; Thought and Desire; The Underfolding

Dominions by Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi - Dominions (JAZ Records)

Mike Shiflet - The Choir, The Army by Under The Spire Recordings

Mike Shiflet - The Choir, the Army (Under the Spire)

The Magic by Deerhoof

Deerhoof - The Magic (Polyvinyl)

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing (Mo' Wax)

Loren Connors - Airs (Recital)

Sean McCann - A Castle Popping (Recital)

Quaking Myth by Xiphiidae

Xiphiidae - Quaking Myth (Aguirre)

Accessory Works to Music for Private Ensemble by Sean McCann

Sean McCann - Accessory Works to Music for Private Ensemble (Recital)

Jessica Pavone - Silent Spills (Relative Pitch; due July 15)

Carnival Of Souls by Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu - Carnival of Souls (Fire)

Various artists - Punk 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn! Akron, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-80 (Soul Jazz)

Minutemen - The Punch Line (SST)

Sonic Youth - Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star (DGC)

Derek Bailey/Evan Parker - The London Concert (Psi)

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