Thursday, 9 June 2016



AMM - Église Saint-Merri, Paris, France, April 7, 2016 (YouTube)

AMM - Laminal (Matchless)

AMM III - It Had Been an Ordinary Enough Day in Pueblo, Colorado (JAPO)

AMM - The Inexhaustible Document (Matchless)

AMM - The Nameless Uncarved Block (Matchless)

Parker Millsap - The Very Last Day (Okrahoma)

Elvis Presley - For LP Fans Only (RCA Victor)

AMM - Newfoundland (Matchless)

AMM - Live in Allentown USA (Matchless)

AMM - From a Strange Place (P.S.F.)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Karyōbin (Chronoscope)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Summer 1967 (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - 1.2. Albert Ayler (Affinity)

Joseph Holbrooke Trio - The Moat Recordings (Tzadik)

Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Quartet - Nipples (Unheard Music Series/Atavistic)

Globe Unity Orchestra - Hamburg '74 (Unheard Music Series/Atavistic)

Misha Mengelberg & ICP Orchestra - Japan Japon (ICP)

Company - Company 1 (Incus < YouTube)

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