Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Piano Technique: Different Strokes for Different Folks

I've heard myself say a thousand times over, that each individual piano student deserves a custom designed plan of study.

In essence, there's no instructional METHOD fixed in perpetuity that will fit every musical traveler. In fact, with a diversity of student personalities, backgrounds, and approaches to life/career (where adults, in particular, apply), some pupils for one reason or another, will lunge and grab at notes, while others have a more detached, laissez-faire, "tracing paper" relationship to the instrument. (excuse the mixed metaphor)

For those who transfer the ethos of a dog-eat-dog world of corporate competition to the piano, I become a Life Coach/Psychologist, de-emphasizing a DEEP, in the KEYS WARM-UP. Instead, I substitute a PARADOXICAL LIGHT-NESS of BEING APPROACH.

To the OVERDETERMINED, I say, Throw fate to the wind.

Don't grab, stab, or capture the RIGHT notes. They'll be there without op_PRESSIVE over-possession. (Shed the Napoleanic Banner!)


FlOAT, and gently roll your arms/hands into the scale. Think clouds, magic carpets, or whatever releases the body from enslaved tension.


"STATE of Mind," always comes to MIND: An ever-evolving GLOSSARY of nonsense syllables and mental images feed the imagination, freeing the spirit. Students shuffle pads and take notes.

"How to undo a sweat and tears, Pain/gain, Battle-ready, rage against the 88 demonic finger traps?"

Simply, "LIGHTEN the strokes for these FOLKS."

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