Thursday, 8 September 2016

Changemaker conference

I'm flying today — so happy to say this! — to DePauw University, where I'll take part in a big event at the School of Music. Their pathbreaking (as I'm sure it will be)  21CMPosium.

21cmposium-blogAnd why that name? Because DePauw (as longtime readers here know) created a pathbreaking music curriculum, which they called 21CM, because it prepares students to be 21st century musicians. They've got a 21CM site, not so much about the curriculum, but instead an exploration of the ideas they've got. And which they promote from others.

And now they're celebrating what they've done, and seeding the world with it, by having this conference, for people who think the way they do. It's terrific stuff. I'm giving the keynote talk tomorrow, and wow — I'm truly excited.

I have to say — laughing a bit — that I've got a kind of virtuoso task. I've got to speak for 21 minutes. It's fun planning that. And practicing it! Picking 21 topics, and training myself to speak for only a minute about each one. With what I hope will be, at the end…but I'm not going to say. Let it all be a surprise.

The big thing, though, and what makes me happiest, is my audience. I've spoken many times about change in classical music, but this is the first time I've had an audience of changemakers. An audience of people as excited by change as I am. And who are making change in whatever they do — teaching, performing, administering.

300 of these people! Many more than anticipated.

I'll know many who are there, and of course meet many people I don't know. Hello to everyone. I'm so much looking forward to seeing you all, hearing what you have to say (there are three days of events after I speak). And in offering thoughts I hope will be helpful.

After it's over, I'll report on what happened. And everyone will be able to stream the whole thing online.

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