Saturday, 24 September 2016

How I can help, if I visit your school

A piece of mine will be played in the spring at a university. (More later on that.) The conductor and I were talking about how I might be there for the performance.

AlaskaI suggested a visit to the school, to do some of the speaking I've often done. Here are some things I suggested. Which, needless to say, I can do anywhere.

Speak about the future of classical music

Of course I do this all the time. Some things I talk about:

  • We all know that classical music is in trouble, but the exact nature of the data isn't well known. I can clarify it.
  • The changes in the field are more important than its troubles. They offer hope for the future.
  • Because of this changes, classical musicians and music students have many new opportunities. Time to go out in the world, and find your audience!

Building a career 

I do a lot of consulting on this. I can talk to students about how they can brand themselves. And about how to promote themselves, with specific advice about their websites, their bios, and about email they write to pitch projects they want to do.

Finding your own audience

This overlaps with the two other topics. But still it's distinct. How do you identify the people who'd be likely to like what you do? How do find them, and reach out to them to tell them about you? Once you've got them interested — once they come to hear your performances — how do you keep them interested, so they keep coming back?

I can do these things as lectures, or (which I like better) workshops. In a workshop, I talk less, and get the students to talk more.

I can also do career counseling one on one, or in small groups. I've done that on school visits for faculty as well as students.

So invite me to visit your school! I love working with students.

Contact me for more info.

And, I should add — I can also talk with the school administration, about curriculum change, and about how to give the school more presence on campus (if you're part of a university) or in your community. 

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