Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Goodbye, hello.

A bit of news to report, and rather than waxing loquacious I'm simply going to state it plainly: This is, for the foreseeable future, the last post I'll be writing for Night After Night, the blog I've operated on Typepad since October 2005.

That's not to say I'm packing it in, just that I've decided to take my name and idea – my "brand," you might say – along with me to the blog I'll be maintaining for The Log Journal, the new music and arts e-zine we launched on October 5 at National Sawdust. The goal is a return to regular blogging activity, something that eluded me for much of my time with The New York Times, and essentially disappeared during my stint with the Boston Globe.

Thank you to everyone who's spent time here, and to those who've continued to stick around when there's been not much more happening than a steady trickle of lists of things I've stuck into my ears. I'll continue to maintain this site as an archive, and perhaps I'll even find some time to properly catalog my past work, both the stuff that's online presently and the stuff that isn't. (Don't hold your breath, but the intent is sincere.)

I hope that you'll join me over on the new Night After Night.

Best regards,

Steve Smith

Original Content: Goodbye, hello.

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