Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Malice in the Palace - the mad rush to Starvania

So Brexit is Triggered ! off we go on a mad rush to Starvania.   A minority party with no MP's hijacks the Palace of Westminster and enforces an extremist agenda onto a government with the largest majority in living memory, which should in theory make it immune to intimidation.  So much for Parliamentary Democracy. Who needs it when cardboard heroes can lie their way to control ?  Effectively, London, the Home Counties and Scotland are disenfranchised.  The regions that fuel the economy are stifled and have to pay those who don't pay their way.  Who needs democracy when the media can manipulate "The People" ?  Malice in the Palace !  The prophetic title of a Three Stooges satire from 1949. Except this madness isn't funny. 

Original Content: Malice in the Palace - the mad rush to Starvania

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