Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Playing Musical Chairs with my new Hidrau, hydraulic piano bench

Welcome to a whirlwind round of musical chairs, with a good, healthy workout thrown in.

Never expected the Valencia, Spain import to challenge my athletic prowess. But for certain, I’d been primed for this bench press Olympiad having done my daily Gravitron, along with pull-ups and push-ups at the Downtown Y. My daily training should have amply prepped me for the Hidrau descent with side bar assists that amazingly resisted every one of my ergonomic push-downs. Compared to assembler, Arrion Brown who weighed in at a muscular 210 lbs, to my measly 112, I was a puny push-over! Call it a 100 lb. difference! That’s how Ari had the necessary clout to get Hidrau to cooperate on the downslide. I might add that this male powerhouse happens to be a Jiu Jitsu champ which puts him in the winner’s circle when it comes to ENDURANCE.

I’ll let my homegrown video speak for itself.

Once I finish my next two nocturnal piano lessons, I’ll add Arrion’s nifty Hidrau assembly according to specs. Note that he’d successfully put the last Chinese Stagg Hydraulic together, though it squeaked its heart out, while Hidrau is a silent, squeak-less success, locked right now into one perfect height at my Steinway grand. If I need to lower it, I’ll scream for help and either 911 will send out a team of paramedics, or my neighbor, Art will heed my cries and get the darn bench back in balance.

Judge for yourself:

And compare to STAGG that’s been retired as a computer accessory doing its job well with attendant noise that’s not a problem but would be a menace stationed at my grand during a recording session!

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